Use a third-party lightbox

Content Views Pro helps you to show posts in a lightbox on clicking the post thumbnail easily (click to see sample).
If you want to use a third-party lightbox, please add this code to file functions.php in the theme’s folder:

// Content Views Pro - Use third party lightbox
add_filter( 'pt_cv_field_href_attrs', 'cvp_theme_use_another_lightbox', 100, 3 );
function cvp_theme_use_another_lightbox( $custom_attr, $open_in, $oargs = array() ) {

	/** For example:
	  $custom_attr[] = 'rel="lightbox"';
	  $custom_attr[] = 'data-rel="iLightbox[gallery-1]"';


	return $custom_attr;

The LIGHTBOX_HTML_ATTRIBUTE_HERE depends on the third-party lightbox you use.

Also, please disable the lightbox in the View.

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