Show results of FacetWP by Content Views Pro layout

FacetWP plugin helps you to show faceted search for your WordPress content.
You can use Content Views Pro to display the results of FacetWP plugin. Here are steps:

1/ Browse to Settings > FacetWP, then click the “Templates” tab, backup the code in “Display Code” to somewhere.

2/ Replace “Display Code” content with this:

if ( shortcode_exists( 'pt_view' ) ) :
	$pids = array();
	while ( have_posts() ) :
		$pids[] = get_the_ID();
	echo $pids ? do_shortcode( '[pt_view id="VIEW_ID" post_id="' . implode( ',', $pids ) . '"]' ) : '';
else : ?>
	Paste the backed up content (in step 1) here
<?php endif; ?>

3/ replace VIEW_ID with ID of the View (which will be used to show FacetWP results).

Notice: The results and pagination depend on the FacetWP plugin, therefore Filter Settings, Pagination settings in View will not be applied.

Thank you,