Show posts in all languages of WPML, Polylang plugin

Content Views Pro will help you to show posts in all languages by WPML (or Polylang) plugin in your WordPress site easily.

For example, your content is available in 3 languages: English (default), Spanish, Russian. And you want to show some posts in an English page (this page has translation pages in Spanish, Russian).

Please do these simple steps:

  • Switch to the default language
  • Click Content Views > Add New to start
  • Adjust View settings to filter and show posts in your desired way
  • Save the View
  • Paste the View shortcode to that page’s content, and all its translation pages.

It means that you only need to create one View to show content in ALL languages.
Just one notice is switching to the default language before creating (and updating) a View.

Thank you,