Show Grid in Homepage with Content Views (free)

If your WordPress Homepage is showing posts, but the layout is not good enough, you can use Content Views (free version) to show posts in beautiful Grid layout.
This document will require coding skills (how to do it without coding?).
If you are ready, let’s start.

Pre-requisite: Create child theme

To show Grid of posts in homepage, we will need to modify a file of the active theme. But these modifications will be overridden in next theme update. That is why we should create a child theme.
There are many plugins which help you to create child theme quickly. So I will not cover it here.

I. Which file to modify

Please open directory of the parent theme (not the child theme which you have created).

  1. If this file front-page.php exists
    => modify file front-page.php

  2. Otherwise, in your Admin dashboard, please open Settings >> Reading menu, then check the Front page displays setting.
    Front page displays
    a. If the first option Your latest posts is selected
    => modify file home.php (if it exists), otherwise modify file index.php

    b. If the second option A static page is selected
    Open the page which is selected as Front page (in screenshot, the selected page is “Home”), then check the page template setting:

    • If that page uses Default Template
      => Modify file page.php (if it exists), otherwise modify file index.php
    • If that page uses a custom page template
      => Modify the custom template file
  3. After locating which file we need to modify, please copy it to the directory of child theme.

II. How to modify

Please open the file, then:

1. Before while loop

Before while statement, paste this code:

/* Content Views: show custom grid on homepage */
if ( is_front_page() ) :
    echo do_shortcode( "[pt_view id=VIEW_ID]" );
else :

(Please replace VIEW_ID with ID of your Grid View)

This code must be put below the closest PHP opening tag <?php

2. After while loop

After endwhile, paste this code:


This code must be put above the closest PHP closing tag ?>.

After modifying, you should have something like this:

Content Views show grid in homepage

(view full image)

3. Active the child theme

The parent theme was active.
After modifying, please activate the child theme to apply the change to your site.

III. Notices

This solution above is not guaranteed to work on ALL themes, because of many themes have complex mechanism to display posts in homepage.

To replace posts layout of any page (Home, Blog, Search results, Category…) by a beautiful Grid, Pinterest… layout:

  • in ANY theme
  • without modifying theme file

the Content Views Pro will help you.

Thank you for reading.
Best regards,

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