Scrollable list – customize style, color, position…

All custom CSS should be put in “Custom CSS” field in Content Views >> Settings page.

To make the changes for only specific View, please replace .pt-cv-scrollable in below code with
#pt-cv-view-VIEWID (with VIEWID is the ID of your View)

Background color of the navigation buttons ( <> )

.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control span {background: YOUR_COLOR !important}

Hover color of next (>), previous (<) icon

.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control:hover span {color: YOUR_COLOR !important}

Background color of indicator (circle icon at bottom of output)

.pt-cv-scrollable .pt-cv-carousel-indicators {background-color: YOUR_COLOR !important; background-image: none !important;}

Move navigation to bottom

.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control {bottom: -20px!important; top: auto!important;}

Center navigation vertically

.pt-cv-scrollable .item{padding-left:30px;padding-right:30px}.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control.left{left:0}.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control.right{right:0}.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control.left,.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control.right{position:absolute;margin-top:-25px;top:50%}

Add border for each post

.pt-cv-scrollable .pt-cv-carousel-caption {border:1px solid YOUR_COLOR; padding:10px}

Slowdown the transition duration

.pt-cv-scrollable .item {transition-duration: 2s;}

Remove red background, just keep white next/prev buttons

.pt-cv-scrollable .carousel-control .glyphicon{background:0 0!important;text-shadow:0 0 11px rgba(171,171,171,.925);font-size:30px!important;color:#fff!important}

Change background color of Caption on hover

#pt-cv-view-VIEWID .pt-cv-carousel-caption:hover {background-color: YOUR_COLOR !important;}

(replace VIEWID with ID of your View)

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