Backup or migrate Views from dev to live site

Full Backup, Migrate

In Views, you can selected categories, custom fields, authors… to filter posts. They are site’s resources. Content Views only stores key or ID of them in View settings. In the new site, Views will not work as expected if these resources are not available/existing.

To fully backup or migrate a site, you should use a dedicated plugin, for example WordPress Duplicator.

Simple Backup, Migrate

To backup, migrate Views (including name, id and all settings of each View), you can follow below steps:

1. Backup/Export

In Administrator Menu, click on Tools >> Export:
Export Views

In Export page, please select Views, then click download button:
Download Exported Views

It’s done. You will get XML file which contains all Views data.

2. Import

Now is time to import Views to your live site (or another site).

In Administrator Menu, click on Tools >> Import.
In Import page, select WordPress at bottom of the list:
Import Select WP

If this is first time you import data from WordPress, it will show popup to require you to install plugin WordPress Importer, just click Install Now button:
Install WordPress Importer
then click button to start importing:
Active & Import

Please choose the XML file you exported before, then click blue button to import:
Choose file & Import

It will take a little time to finish. Then you will have all Views imported.

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