WooCommerce – filter products by catalog visibility

For WooCommerce 3.0.0 and after

You can pass extra parameters to the View to show products which have visibility:

  • Catalog (Shop) & search:
    [pt_view id="VIEW_ID" taxonomy=product_visibility terms="exclude-from-search,exclude-from-catalog" operator="NOT IN" reuse_tax_query=1]
  • Catalog (Shop):
    [pt_view id="VIEW_ID" taxonomy=product_visibility terms="exclude-from-search" reuse_tax_query=1]
  • Search:
    [pt_view id="VIEW_ID" taxonomy=product_visibility terms="exclude-from-catalog" reuse_tax_query=1]
  • Hidden:
    [pt_view id="VIEW_ID" taxonomy=product_visibility terms="exclude-from-search,exclude-from-catalog" operator="AND" reuse_tax_query=1]

Please replace VIEW_ID with ID of your View.

For WooCommerce 2.6.14 and before.

To filter products by catalog visibility, please:

  • enable Filter Settings > Advance > Custom Fields
  • click Add New button to start filtering by a custom field.

Then select:

  • _visibility for Field Key
  • Text for Value Type
  • For Value To Compare, there are 4 possible values: visible (Catalog/search), catalog, search, hidden
  • For Operator To Compare, select LIKE to filter products which have selected visibility, select NOT LIKE to filter products which don’t have selected visibility

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