Display WordPress category name above posts list (display term as heading)

With Content Views Pro, you can display category name above posts list easily (like this).

I. Display a term above posts list

Let’s add new View to start. Here are some simple steps to do:

  • Enable the Taxonomy (Categories, Tags…) in Filter Settings >> Advance
  • Select the taxonomy you want to use, for example: Category
  • Select the term (a category, a tag…) you want to show as heading, above the posts list
  • Select the option Show (first) term as heading of output for the “Output modification” setting

II. Display many terms above their posts list

If you want to display multiple categories, tags… above their posts list, please do above steps for the first category, tag. Then using the “reuse” feature of Content Views Pro to make it work for all other categories, tags.

For example: you want to show each of 3 categories Business, People, Building above their posts list. Here are steps to do:

  • Create a View, follow 4 steps in section I. above for a category.
  • Use following shortcodes for 2 other categories:
    [pt_view id=VIEWID cat=people]
    [pt_view id=VIEWID cat=building]
    (replace VIEWID with ID of the View which you’ve created)

    To do this stuff for custom taxonomy, you will need to use this shortcode format
    [pt_view id=VIEWID taxonomy=NAME_OF_TAXONOMY terms=SLUG_OF_TERM]

Thank you,