Live Filter – use Dropdown type on mobile devices

If you want to use another live filter type in desktop and tablet devices, but use the Dropdown type on mobile devices, please add this code to file functions.php in the theme’s folder (or install this plugin Code Snippets then add this code to the “Code” textarea):

// Content Views Pro - Use dropdown for Live Filter on mobile devices. @since >
add_filter( 'pt_cv_lf_type', 'cvp_theme_lf_type_mobile', 100, 2 );
function cvp_theme_lf_type_mobile( $args, $name ) {
	global $pt_cv_id;
	/* To apply for all live filter views, replace below code with
	$applied = true;
	$applied = in_array( $pt_cv_id, array( 'VIEW_ID_1', 'VIEW_ID_2', 'VIEW_ID_3', 'VIEW_ID_4', 'VIEW_ID_5' ) );

	if ( $applied && $args != 'search_field' && PT_CV_Functions_Pro::check_device( 'mobile' ) ) {
		$args = 'dropdown';
	return $args;

(please replace VIEW_ID_1, VIEW_ID_2, … with ID of your Views)

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Find all pages (or posts, custom posts) that used Content Views shortcode

You can add Content Views to many posts, pages, custom posts on your site.
And sometimes you need to find which ones are using Content Views.

To do that, in your WordPress admin area, please click the Posts, or Pages, or custom posts menu item.
WordPress will navigate you to the page where you see all the posts, pages, so on.
On that page, you will see a text search field. Please enter this value to the text field, then hit Enter or click search:


It will list all the pages (or posts, custom posts) that are using Content Views.

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Allow users to manage (add, edit, delete) the views

The Administrator always has all capacities to manage (add, edit, delete, duplicate) the views created by Content Views.

With Content Views Pro, you can allow another user role (besides Administrator) to manage the views.
In Content Views > Settings page, please select the role in the User Role dropdown:


(The Administrator always can manage the views, no matter which option is selected)

Here are other roles that might work best for you:

  • Editor: somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author: somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.

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Thumbnail Style

With Content Views Pro, you can show thumbnails in different styles: Round edge, Border, Circle, Shadow, Default (None).
These styles are available under: Display Settings > Fields Settings > Thumbnail > Style:


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Show Sticky Posts

Content Views Pro helps you to show sticky posts in the grid/list easily.
You can show only sticky posts, or show the sticky posts above other posts.

What are sticky posts and how to stick a post?
Please read here.

Here is the setting for the Sticky Posts:

There are these options:

  • Place all sticky posts at the top of list
  • Move current sticky posts (which match all settings) to the top of list
  • Show only sticky posts (no other posts)
  • Show in natural position
  • Exclude from output
  • Best regards,

    Layout (grid, pinterest, and more)

    Content Views and Content Views Pro offer many kinds of layouts (the structure which presents the posts).
    You can change the layout with the “Layout” option in the “Display Settings” tab:


    With Content Views (free), there are 3 layout options:

    • Grid
    • Collapsible List
    • Scrollable List

    With Content Views Pro, besides above layouts, there are premium layout options:

    • Pinterest
    • Masonry
    • Timeline
    • Glossary
    • One & others

    Each layout has different options to customize.
    The Content Views (free) has basic, or no options for 3 layouts.
    The Content Views Pro has advanced options for all layouts.

    Best regards,

    Prevent changing URL with Ajax pagination

    Updating URL when changing Ajax page is a part of recommended checklists by Google to improve SEO for Ajax pagination (numeric pagination, load more, infinite scroll). That helps content in other pages are indexed.

    For any reason you don’t want that, to prevent URL from changing:

    • With Content Views Pro:
      Please add this code to Custom JS field (the right textarea) in Content Views >> Settings page:

      window.cv_pagination_no_update_url = true;
    • With Content Views free:
      Please check this document (click here) to add above script to your site.

    Best regards,

    Show bullet list with Grid layout

    To show bullet list with Grid layout, please use this CSS:

    #pt-cv-view-VIEW_ID .pt-cv-title a {
        list-style-type: disc;
        margin-left: 25px !important;
        display: list-item;

    (replace VIEW_ID with ID of your View)

    With Content Views Pro, please add above code to Custom CSS field in Content Views >> Settings page.
    With Content Views Free, please add above code to file style.css of your active theme.

    Best regards,

    Pagination – hide the First, Last button in the Ajax numbered pagination

    To hide the first and last buttons (≪ ≫) in the Ajax numbered pagination, please add this code to Custom CSS field (the left textarea) in Content Views >> Settings page:

    .cv-pageitem-first, .cv-pageitem-last {display: none !important;}

    (If you are using the Free version, you might add above CSS to the file style.css of the theme)

    Best regards,

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