How to add custom field to WordPress posts, pages?

WordPress has the ability to assign custom fields to a post. Each custom field is handled with key/value pairs. The key is the name of the custom field. The value is the information that you want to store in that custom field.

To add a new custom field to a WordPress post, you need to edit the post.
In the post editing page:

  • scroll down to the area titled Custom Fields
  • enter name and value of the custom field to the Name and Value columns
  • click Add Custom Field button to save this custom field


If this is the first custom field on your WordPress site, you might need to click “Enter new” link to start adding the new custom field.

# Couldn’t find “Custom Fields” area

  • Custom fields are hidden by default, at the first time, you need to enable it:

    # For WordPress 5.0 and later

    + click the ellipsis icon, then click “Options”:
    Enable Custom Field WordPress 5.0 options

    + select the “Custom Fields” checkbox
    Enable Custom Field WordPress 5.0

    # For WordPress 4.9.9 and prior

    + click on Screen Options tab at top right corner of the page:
    WordPress Screen Options

    + select the Custom Fields checkbox in the expanded area:
    Enable WordPress custom field

  • If you can’t see the Custom Fields option, the current post type might not support custom field.
    To add a new custom field for this post type, you can install a custom field plugin (for example: Advanced Custom Fields), it will help you to add a custom field to any post types easily.

After adding custom field, you can show custom field easily (read more)

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