Shuffle Filter

In Content Views Pro, the Shuffle Filter feature will help you to show categories, tags or terms of custom taxonomy as options to filter posts easily: when an option is selected, posts related to that option will be shown, other posts will be hidden.
Here is live sample: single shuffle filter, multi shuffle filter.

Here are steps to use this feature:

A/ Enable filter in output

In Shuffle Filter tab, select the first checkbox:

In this tab, there are a lot of settings to adjust the output, for example:
– Change the word “All”
– Change position of filter bar (left, center, right)
– Show posts count of each term
– Load more posts automatically when a term is selected (when pagination is enabled)

In Style Settings tab, you can change color, background color, font… of the filter with friendly settings, without coding.

B/ Select which taxonomy to show as filter

In Filter Settings tab, section Advance:
1/ Select checkbox Taxonomy (Categories, Tags…)
2/ Select any taxonomy you want to show as filter. You can select one or many taxonomies.
3/ Select some terms, or leave empty to show ALL terms of selected taxonomy

# Use Dropdown type in mobile devices

Dropdown is the most compact type to show filters, especially in mobile devices. If you want to use another type in desktop and tablet devices, but use Dropdown type in mobile devices, please add this code to file functions.php of your active theme:

// Content Views Pro - Use dropdown for Shuffle Filter in mobile devices
add_filter( 'pt_cv_sfilter_type', 'cvp_theme_sfilter_type_mobile', 100, 1 );
function cvp_theme_sfilter_type_mobile( $args ) {

	if ( method_exists( 'PT_CV_Functions_Pro', 'check_device' ) && PT_CV_Functions_Pro::check_device( 'mobile' ) ) {
		$args = 'vertical-dropdown';

	return $args;

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