Shuffle Filter

In Content Views Pro, Shuffle Filter is the feature which helps you to show categories, tags or terms of custom taxonomy as options to filter posts: when an option is selected, posts relate to that option will be shown, other posts will be hide.
Here is live sample: single shuffle filter, multi shuffle filter.

Here are steps to use this feature:

A/ Enable filter in output

In tab Shuffle Filter, select the first checkbox:

In this tab, there are a lot of settings to adjust the output, for example:
– Change the word “All”
– Change position of filter bar (left, center, right)
– Show posts count of each term
– Load more posts automatically when a term is selected (when pagination is enabled)

In tab Style Settings, you can change color, background color, font… of filter with friendly settings, without coding.

B/ Select which taxonomy to show as filter

In tab Filter Settings, section Advance:
1/ Select checkbox Taxonomy (Categories, Tags…)
2/ Select any taxonomy you want to show as filter. You can select one or many taxonomies.
3/ Select some terms, or leave empty to show ALL terms of selected taxonomy

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