Show options of Shuffle Filter Dropdown in 2 columns

If you have a lot of options, it will be friendly to show options in 2 columns, to help visitors to select filters without scrolling too much.
To do it, Please add this code to Custom CSS field in Content Views >> Settings page:

.pt-cv-wrapper [id^="pt-cv-filter-bar-VIEWID"] >.dropdown-menu {min-width:400px}
.pt-cv-wrapper [id^="pt-cv-filter-bar-VIEWID"] ul.dropdown-menu li {width:48%!important}

Please replace VIEWID with ID of your View.

To make it works with ALL dropdown filters, please use this code instead: .pt-cv-filter-bar >.dropdown-menu {min-width:400px} .pt-cv-filter-bar ul.dropdown-menu li {width:48%!important}

Best regards,