Use custom/external URL for Title (Pro version only)

Sometimes, you want to link post title to external URL, all things you need to do is creating a new custom field for the post, with name is cv_custom_url and value is the external URL you want to use (click to read about how to add new custom field).


# For Media Files

If you want to add custom URL for media files, please follow following steps:

  • Install & activate Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Add New Field Group
  • Click Add Field, set
    as value of Field Label and Field Name
  • In Location box, “Show this field group if” heading,
    select Attachment for first select-box, All for the third select-box.
  • Update or Publish the Field Group
  • Finally, edit each media file, then set your custom URL as value of cv_custom_url field.

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