How to install?

Content Views (free at is a WordPress plugin which helps you to display posts, pages in responsive layout without coding.
Content Views Pro is a premium extension of Content Views, it adds a lot of advanced useful features to the free plugin (learn more).

To use Pro features, you need to install & activate both Content Views and Content Views Pro.

I) Install Content Views

If you have already installed the free version of Content Views before, please skip this and install Pro version.

  • In Admin dashboard, click on Plugins menu, then click Add New
  • Type Content Views plugin in search box, then press Enter
  • Content Views will appear as the first result, click Install Now
  • You will be taken to the installing page:
    please click Activate Plugin.

II) Install Content Views Pro

The Pro version requires the Free version to work. If you have not installed the Free version, please follow the steps in I) Install Content Views above.

  • In Admin dashboard, click on Plugins menu, then click Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Click Choose File to select the zip file
    (if you have not downloaded it yet, please download it here.
    For Mac users, if you can’t find the zip file, please find solution here
    Then click Install Now
  • You will be taken to the installing page:
    please click Activate Plugin.

    It’s done 🙂

    To update CVPro automatically, please put your license key to the text field in Content Views >> Settings page:


If you have not downloaded Pro plugin, please download it here.


If you are using a Mac and you can’t find the zip file to install, but you see the folder pt-content-views-pro
=> The reason is your Mac’s browser unzipped the zip file automatically
=> The solution:
+ download Pro package by another browser, you will get the original zip file
+ or right click on the folder pt-content-views-pro then select “Compress…” to make a new zip file.

The folder name must be pt-content-views-pro, otherwise CVPro will not able to work.

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