Show upcoming, past Events

Dear CVPro customers,
This video will help you to display upcoming, past events by plugin:
The Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe)
Events Manager
Event Organiser


Setting option Value
“Filter Settings” tab
Content type Event
Filter key (of custom field) _EventEndDate (for The Events Calendar plugin)
_event_end_date (for Events Manager plugin)
_eventorganiser_schedule_until (for Events Organiser plugin)
Field type Date
Operator to compare – for upcoming events, select Today & Future
– for past events, select In the past

Other cases

If you use another event plugin, please do similar. If it doesn’t work, please contact us.

If you didn’t use any event plugin but use WordPress custom field to set start-date, end-date for your events, please check this document Filter by a Date field.

Best regards,