Filter by Date custom field

To filter posts by a date custom field, its value must be stored in format
YYYY-MM-DD (year-month-date).

1. Preparation

If your custom field already had its value in above format, please skip this step and let’s filter posts.

Assuming you have some events, each event has a custom field Start Date. Value of these custom fields are somethings like 10 Sep 2015, 9 Oct 2015
Because value of this field is not in format YYYY-MM-DD, we have to create its alias field:
– give it a custom name (for example: cvp_start_date)
– its value must be in format YYYY-MM-DD and has same mean as value of Start Date field. Assuming value of Start Date was 10 Sep 2015 => value of alias field must be 2015-09-10.

2. Filter posts

In tab Filter Settings >> Advanced filters, check Custom fields.
In Custom Field Settings box, click Add New button, then select:
– your custom field for Field key (for example: cvp_start_date)
– Date for Field type

# Filter upcoming events: select Today & Future for Operator to compare

# Filter past events: select In the past for Operator to compare

# Other cases: Select a date in Value to compare

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