Display Media files

With Content Views Pro, it is easy to display Media files (images, pdfs…) like this, by selecting the Media option for Content Type setting.

By default, WordPress doesn’t support category, custom field… for Media files. How can we filter a specific group of media files?
This post will help you to do it easily.

I. Add category for Media

This awesome plugin Enhanced Media Library was born to solve it. It helps you to create and assign categories for Media files as easily as you did for posts.

Here are 3 simple steps:
+ Install that plugin
+ After install, you will see “Media Categories” under “Media” group: media-cat-1
Click that menu then create some categories you want.
+ Finally, open media files you want to categorize, select desired categories (which you created above) in “Media Categories” section:
Don’t forget to click “Update” button when you finish.

II. Display Media files in View

Now let’s filter and display Media files in View.

1. In “Filter Settings” tab

+ Select Media for Content type
+ Select Taxonomy (Categories, Tags…) (1)
+ Select Media Category (2)
+ Select the categories to filter your media files (3)

2. In “Display Settings” tab

+ select Masonry for Layout
+ Fields settings >> select only Show Thumbnail
+ Thumbnail settings >> Thumbnail size, select an option with large width x height (width should be larger than 500)
+ Other settings >> Open item in : select Light box of Full thumbnail

That’s all.
If you have any problem, please contact us.
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