How to replace WordPress layout (use Grid/Pinterest… layout for Blog, Category, Search… pages)?

Content Views Pro helps you to display WordPress content anywhere easily. But it can help you to do even more things.
There is a powerful feature Replace Layout which helps you to show beautiful Grid, Pinterest, Timeline… of posts in Blog, Category, Search results, Archives… page of your WordPress site without coding, in minutes!

The Blog, Category, Search results, Archives… are special pages of each WordPress site. The posts layout in these pages is managed by the active theme. To show Grid in these pages, you will need to modify theme’s files. That is a complicated task, requires coding skills and knowledge about HTML, PHP and WordPress.

The Replace Layout feature of CVPro will help you to show Grid (or any layout of CVPro) in Blog, Category, Search results, Archives… pages easily, without any line of code. You will save a lot of time, effort and hassle.

This video will demonstrate how to use the Replace Layout feature to show Grid in your WordPress category page:

How to do?

There are only 2 simple steps to show Grid in your Blog, Category… pages:

  • 1. Design the layout (Grid, Pinterest…)
    Creating a new View to define the layout you want (start at 0:30 in above video). In the new View, you can use any layout (Grid, Pinterest, Timeline…), customize font & color, setup pagination… You have complete control over the layout to design it in your desired way.

  • 2. Show the layout in page
    In Admin dashboard, click on Content Views >> Replace Layout.
    In the Replace Layout page:
    – select the WordPress page you want to replace layout
    – select the View you have just created
    Content Views Pro - Grid layout for Category

That’s done. You now have beautiful Grid layout in your Category pages effortlessly.

To disable this feature for any page, please uncheck the checkbox of that page.

Which pages I can change layout?

You can use Grid (or any layout which CVPro offers) in many WordPress pages:

  • Blog page
  • Search results page
  • Category archive
  • Tag archive
  • Custom taxonomy archive (WooCommerce product categories, EDD download categories, event categories…)
  • Other archives (author, date, month, year)
  • Post type archives
  • Single post, single page, single product, single event… page

How to use different layouts for categories?

To set different layout for a category, please edit that category (click on Posts > Categories, mouse over the category and click on Edit link). You will see the Content Views setting at the bottom of page, and you can select any View there:
Content Views Pro - different Views for taxonomy archives

How to replace layout for a specific category only?

If you don’t want to replace layout of all category pages but specific category only, here is how:
– in Replace Layout page, select the Category checkbox, but do not select any View (leave the default option “Select View” selected)
– edit the category you want to replace layout, and select the View (which designs the layout) in Content Views setting:

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